About Us

Mormac specialises in the construction of luxury homes and extensions with classical elegance and style that incorporates modern construction and technology.

We maintain a direct and personal relationship with all of our clients, craftsmen and suppliers, and have an uncompromising desire to create the highest quality that fulfils and exceeds expectations.

At Mormac we believe the creation of exceptional homes can only be achieved through our unceasing determination, pride, passion and meticulous attention to every detail, at every stage, from initial design to finishing touches.

The greatest possible accolade repeatedly given to our business is the expressed satisfaction by our clients and personal recommendations extended by them.
With over thirty years of experience, Mormac has earned a coveted reputation for the design and creation of bespoke new homes and extensions on behalf of private clients. Tailored to our client’s lifestyle, aesthetic and budgetary requirements, each home we build reflects our boundless creativity, attention to detail and application of craftsmanship throughout.

Every home we create bears testimony to this ethos, resulting in elegant, individually designed homes where quality and craftsmanship are crucial to meeting the expectations of our customers.